PRIME College of Education sprawls around in an area of about five acres of land. Situated in an area, much closer to Kilvelur main bus-stop and only a walk able distance away from the main bazaar but far away from pollution of any sort, the rural as well as the suburb scenario add more charisma to one and all for learning at any length of time at PRIME. On the other hand towering structures of buildings with cozy rooms create not only a city-like atmosphere but also an atmosphere highly conducive for learning. Well-equipped laboratories, meticulous maintenance and caliberation of the existing equipments along with the up-to-date purchase and enrichment mark the touch of quality in up gradation and the interest of the Management in providing real-time and hands on feeding through regular practicals. Our institution has an exorbitant library to give solution to the emerging enigma of the students. Apart from these Net facilities is provided to search through web for more materials to get hands on information.


Kilvelur is located between Nagapattinam and Thiruvarur. As a Panchayath union kilvelur is crowned with DIET at Kurukkathi. People of all walks of life, various caste, creed and religion along with various economic statuses texture the knit-up of Kilvelur.

Sprawling in an enormous area agriculture is at its peak as the source of income to many and varied section of people of this area. As such the poor and needing people of these hidden hamlets and are at the receiving end for education. PRIME serves the need of the people of this area as the first B.Ed College to Kilvelur.


  • The College gives importance to the maintenance of DISCIPLINE at any cost.
  • Students involved in ragging of any sort either directly or indirectly will be dismissed from the college immediately besides facing actions by the law enforcing authorities.
  • An undertaking to this effect is to be signed by both students and parents.
  • Students expelled on grounds of indiscipline will not be entitled to any refund of any fees.
  • A minimum of 90% attendance is required in all classes individually.
  • Students fail in maintain the required percentage of attendance will not be permitted to sit for the University Examinations.
  • Unauthorized absence is liable for fine and punishment.
  • Students must be punctual for each lecture class and laboratory sessions.
  • Attendance for the college tests is compulsory and leave or absence from the tests will not be permitted.
  • Students should maintain good academic progress and good conduct as they are essential for appearing for the University Examination.
  • Students will be divided into groups and each group is attached to a member of the faculty who will act as a student’s advisor/counsellor for guiding and directing him/her in academic and personal development to obtain academic excellence, professional competence and good conduct and character.
  • Students are permitted to avail leave only with prior sanction from the Principal.
    For unforeseen reason leaves application must be made soon after returning from leave to the Principal.
  • PRIME insists and expects Discipline and Co-operation from the students for good results.
    Students are expected to use only courteous and polite language and behave properly within the campus.
  • Even in outside the college campus, the students are expected to conduct themselves with decorum and decency, so as to not to tarnish the good reputation of the college.
  • Every student must obey the rules and regulations of the institution to preserve the property of the institution and discharge his/her duties as a student with diligence, fidelity and honour.
  • Students are expected to read the Notice Board regularly and get themselves updated of activities and announcements. Not being aware of an activity or an announcement will not be accepted as an excuse for failure to comply with it.
  • For any indiscipline, management has the right to decide the punishment and /or corrective action
    Fees are to be paid on the due dates. No one is eligible for refund or default or deferred terms under any circumstances.
  • Students shall not bring Mobile Phones.